Cities and Food: European Union and Brazil Dialogues

This international seminar is part of the project Cities and Food, funded by the European Union Delegation to Brazil in partnership with Embrapa Food and Territories, and with the support of the Comida de Amanhã Institute and ICLEI South America.

As part of the project, a case study was carried out on sustainable urban food systems in the Brazilian cities of Curitiba, Maricá, Recife, Rio Branco and Santarém, along with data collection that also involved analysing organic waste at street markets in Curitiba, Recife and Rio Branco. These outputs will be presented during the seminar. The event will also include the participation of European cities engaged in the knowledge exchange, represented by speakers from Ghent (Belgium), Turin (Italy) and Valencia (Spain). The Brazilian Social Service of Commerce (SESC), responsible for the coordination of the main Brazilian network of food banks, is also a partner in the event.

Address: SESC RJ (Marquês de Abrantes, 9, Rio de Janeiro)

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Event Details

Name of event organizer: Cities and Food: European Union and Brazil dialogues

Type of event: In-Person Event

Date of event: 26 Sep 2023

Time: 09:30 BRT