29 September 2023

Stop food loss and waste.
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Did you know you can tackle climate change while reducing food loss and waste?

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Consumer food waste is a global challenge. Changing a few habits can make a big difference.


Cities are uniquely positioned to lead the fight against food waste.


By acting on food loss and waste reduction, governments can reduce environmental impacts &improve food security.

Private Sector

Organizations can accelerate change in food systems and bring positive contribution to employment, productivity and sustainability. 

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Ending food waste starts with you

Public and private entities as well as consumers from across the food systems, must work to cut food loss and waste to enhance the use of natural resources, mitigate climate change and support food security and proper nutrition for all. The International Food Loss and Waste: Get Involved guide offers key messages, facts and figures, and actions that stakeholders can take to help reduce food loss and waste.

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