Semana de actividades PDA Lanzamiento Comité Nacional para la Prevención y Reducción de Pérdidas y Desperdicios de Alimentos (PDA) en Uruguay

As it is an issue that we are beginning to put on the agenda, we consider it important to generate a complete proposal around this date, to make the problem and possible approaches visible and to make a call to action.  Some highlights of the week: We will launch the National Committee for the Prevention and Reduction of FLW in Uruguay, an area of ​​interinstitutional and intersectoral articulation that aims to advise the Executive Power on the design and implementation of policies, plans and strategies regarding FLW. Together with UNEP's sub-regional office for the Southern Cone of Latin America, we are supporting the launch of the First National "Cooking Without Waste" Recipe Contest and a practical workshop on cooking without waste aimed at the general public. This instance in particular will be the closing of the Awareness Week and will include the participation of the Minister of the Environment and the Director of the sub-regional office for the Southern Cone of Latin America of UNEP.

Event details

Name of event organizer: Ministry of Environment, Uruguay

Type of event: Physical Event

Date of event: 26 - 28 Sep 2022
09:00 - 17:30