The local to global cold-chain summit

The Centre for Sustainable Cooling is a lead co-investigator on a series of multinational and multi-partner cold-chain research programmes across UK, EU and internationally to

  1. explore system approaches on how to use (and mitigate the need for), make, store, move, manage, finance and regulate “cold” to meet cold-chain needs;
  2. facilitate uptake of innovative systemic solutions at scale and
  3. increase awareness among policy makers about the importance of a sustainable, equitable and resilient cold-chain system globally and how to operationalise.

Programmes include the Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold-chain; the Horizon 2022 ENOUGH programme which brings together 30 partners from 12 European countries and the UK’s four year Zero-Emissions Cold-chain study - a combined programme value in excess of £25M, excluding infrastructure and industrial contributions in kind. See overleaf for more details. On 29TH September more than 50 research, industry and government partners from these programmes from UK, EU and Africa are coming together to share their knowledge and discuss research and innovation needs and collaboration opportunities to operationalise sustainable, equitable and resilient cold-chains for food and health globally. While we are keeping the conference to a limited number of attendees to ensure engaged discussions, we are keen to make it an open-house event to bring in a wider cohort of experts, industry and academic partners keen to engage.

Event details

Name of event organizer: University of Birmihgham, Center for Sustainable Cooling, UNEP

Type of event: In-person event

Date of event: 29 Sep 2022
09:00 - 17:30